• Mann Oil Filter HU6022Z

    - Fits BMW B58 engines including F22 240i, F30 340i, G20 M340i, G22 M440i, G30 540i

    - OEM / Interchange Numbers: 04152WAA02, 11428583898

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  • Liqui Moly 5w30 Motor Oil

    - Meets or exceeds BMW Longlife-01 OEM Specifications

    - Engine oil capacity 6 L to 6.5 L

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  • Mann CUK25001 Cabin Air Filter

    - With activated carbon keep nearly 100% of even the tiniest undesired particles
    from entering the vehicle through the ventilation system

    - OEM / Interchange Numbers: 64119237554, 64119237555

    - Recommended to Replace every 24000 KMs

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  • Mahle LX3424 Air Filter

    - Captures 99.9% of dust, soot, and tire wear particles, ensuring an optimal air/fuel mixture

    - OEM / Interchange Numbers: 13718632502

    - Recommended to Replace every 24000 KMs

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  • Spark Plug Socket Tool

    - Used for Removing 12-point spark plugs

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  • NGK 94201 Spark Plugs SILZKGR8B8S

    - Quantity of 6 Spark Plugs required

    - Recommended to replace at 100000 KMs

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  • Portable Air Compressor Tire Inflator

    - Fast Inflation and Advanced Accuracy, Supports up to 100 PSI

    - Recommended to check tire pressure every 2 weeks

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  • Stanley Automatic Battery Charger Maintainer

    - Fully automatic high frequency charging
    delivers 3 stage charging, automatically switching from fast charge, to
    top-off, to trickle charge

    - Excellent choice for maintaining battery levels during the tuning process

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  • Dragy Bluetooth

    - Measure your 0-60, quarter mile times and more with advanced accuracy within 1/10 of a second

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  • Motive Products Brake Bleeder

    - Pressure brake bleeder, 2 quart capacity, with 45mm threaded adapter for most European cars including Audi, BMW, Mercedes

    - Recommended brake fluid flush at 24000 KMs

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  • Dash Camera 2K High Resolution

    - Advanced Parking Mode Feature, GPS Tracking, Super Night Vision, 140 Degree Angle

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  • ENET Cable for BMW

    - Excellent choice for use with the BootMod3 (BM3), MHD, XHP tuning platform for various BMW models/engines

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  • USB C to Ethernet Adapter

    - Excellent choice for use with Bootmod3 (BM3), MHD, XHP and xDelete tuning platforms

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  • Veepak OBD2 Bluetooth Scanner

    - Excellent choice for use with the Bimmercode app for coding on F Series BMWs

    - Compatible with a wide range of third-party OBD apps

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